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The real Jane. This is who you get.

You know those people who have balanced understanding with the right amount of “it’s time to take action now”? That’s what I give when I'm with you.

I help clients allow themselves to be their best version that's within, by understanding their mind-sets, as well as providing accountability so they can reach their goals in health, happiness and finances.

But really I am like you in that I have many roles each day. I’m a mother of three, wife to my farmer husband, horse rider, runner, investor, netballer, shower-singer and I love understanding mind-sets.

When you work with me you will get nurturing support from someone who has learned unique, powerful strategies from my own experience and research, and my certificate in Strategic Intervention. I’m an author, a certified strategic intervention coach utilizing the strategy of Robbins-Madanes foundation.

You can be confident that what I teach you actually works because I’ve used these strategies on myself and others. I have seen the transformations with my own two eyes with my clients, and know I’ve seen personal results due to these self-applying these teachings.

Like any good coach there will be days where you think “This is so easy!” and of course there will be days where you’ll think “This too, shall pass”.

Best of all, you’ll be excited at how much you consciously understand yourself and how to really let yourself be great! You’ll see the results you wanted.

I believe that you’re ready for this. You've got your vision set. You know where you want to be. You know you've done aspects of this before. You’ve got this! You’ve already got successes to work with and it’s just time to utilize them so you can confidently step forward. Go for it!

Life is for living - not just surviving. Today, tomorrow and in the future.
We want to be true to ourselves by being the best version that is within us.
Not just because it feels freakin’ good for us, but because it’s also what we desire for our family.

I'm here to help you with that.

Sarah Jackson Sarah Jackson, Company Inc.

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Health, Happiness, Finances

Free 5 Day Training. You and me getting & learning cool stuff.

It doesn't cost a thing!

These courses use 3 core components to see results.

  • Boost

    Confidence is a booster. It allows us to highlight our ability by trusting in ourselves. The very first exercise lifts your confidence and is superbly simple and effective. It’s something you’re already doing without even realising.

  • Educate

    Many exercises give you the power to understand yourself better. What makes you do what you do? Being conscious of this helps you understand your best asset.

  • Validate

    Each of your answers is personally seen by Jane so when she spots any great answers or an area where you can dig deeper, she will let you know.

Time to have some fun!

What you need to AVOID right now!

And what you need to know


Signing up to more free content. MORE and MORE and MORE FREE CONTENT. Unless it's mine of course ;). Seriously, there is so much free information out there but that's not the solution. The solution is taking consistent action. Sign up for something that has accountability of you taking small regular steps each day. That's what leads to results!


Taking drastic action. If you feel the need to do something drastic this is simply a sign we are loosing our focus on the big picture. It's ok. Take a deep breath, picture yourself where you want to be, and take daily small action. That's what lead you to results. Mindset + small action = results <3


Feeling disheartened. Yes there will be some days where we need to just chill the heck out or feel a little weary on it. That's ok. That's just our body letting us know it's in recharge mode (just like all good and reliable devices require!). If you feel disheartened, take a deep breath, picture where you want to be, and then just chill. Small actions will pave the way.


You've got this! You've got so many past examples, successes and failures to draw upon to guide you to where you want to go. Start thinking and listing them because they were given to you to utilise!


Understand what makes you YOU! What is it that you do when you feel empowered, or in the groove? Consciously being aware of this, and then utilising it guides you to be in that place more often.


Give yourself the time it takes to get it right first time! Success in every venture does not happen overnight. There's a continuous momentum made of small daily changes behind it. But notice the signs along the way. Notice how your emotions change, and then your habits change, and then the results trickle in. It's always the change in emotions that happens first so listen up to any positive improvements to your emotions.

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